Formal Complaints Posted Against the Dog Known as Gus Gus

Complaint Submitter Date
Gus peed on my brand new couch. Daniel Doran 07/20/2022
When guests stay over, GusGus wakes up extra early (6am) to say hello to everyone and then won't stop until everyone is awake and in one room. Lanie Boggs 07/30/2022
RE: 7/20/22, Gus peed on his "new" from Craigslist couch that was FREE. Gus wouldn't have peed if another dog hadnas't peed on the couch. And Gus peeing on it was a good way to ensure the couch was cleaned. Lanie Boggs 08/02/2022
Gus was not given enough attention so he chewed through my sandal. Lanie Boggs 09/04/2022
Jumping up on me with muddy paws and barking to beg for gummy bears thinking they were for him. Lanie Boggs 09/18/2022
Gus wants you to play fetch, but brings the ball 90% of the way back. He’s one of those dogs. Danny Doran 09/29/2022
Gus waited for me to get comfortably settled on the couch before ringing the bell to go outside. Danny Doran 10/22/2022
4.5/5 stars. Half star deducted due to an early wake up call two mornings in a row. As a previous complaint noted, Gus Gus wakes up early with guests. Let a girl sleep in! Rachele Gentry 11/20/2022
Upon entering Danny’s parent’s house, GusGus poops in the entryway. Then the next day, GusGus may or may not have peed on his parents bedroom door. Lanie Boggs 11/25/2022
Gus popped in the airport terminal. Danny Doran 12/22/2022
Gus barked unnecessarily loud at Lanie’s mom when I brought her home from the airport. It was ear piercing. Danny Doran 09/16/2023
Gus has learned a lot about being a dog, but he still only brings the ball back 90% of the way. Too often he asks to play fetch, only to stand dull in the middle of the yard, staring blankly at the house. Danny Doran 02/10/2024
Gus is digging his way out of the dog run. He does not respect his boundaries. Daniel Doran 05/15/2024